Sunday, December 27, 2009

What now?

How weird it is, this time between Christmas and New Years. I still have the crafting bug, and if anything I feel more inspired now that the holidays are over and there is no pressure to complete gifts in time. One of my friends accused me of being Waldorf by proxy. The more I think about it I do believe there's something to that. While I've always been crafty and engaged in one project or another at any given time, this winter I have been inspired to take on a larger number of projects. Most of these are things I've never made before. Elliot started kindergarten at an amazing Waldorf Charter School this year where art and handwork are not only taught and encouraged, but actually valued in such a beautiful way. So fine, I will own it. Perhaps it is rubbing off and all I can say is that I only hope it continues!

On another note all together, despite my efforts to maintain "moderation" during the holidays, I was dissapointed today to find myself gobbling down the last of the pumpkin pie, with whip cream, washed down with a little eggnog. What's up? On top of that I passed on my run, using yesterdays 2 hour walk into the NW Portland hills as an excuse to not exercise today.

So as we approach another new year, I am focused on what actions I might do in the coming months to improve my health, my life, my family and my community. In doing so, I'm determined to make only changes which are reasonable. This year will not promise myself unobtainable accomplishments, or unrealistic deadlines. I will begin 2010 with a list of new years resolutions that I can feel proud to achieve and not regretful for losing interest in.

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