Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Light In The Darkness

The lightness returns! Elliot built a beautiful Winter Solstice alter this year with all of his animals surrounding the sun, welcoming her back. We read our story of the sun being reborn and when it was over Elliot (without any suggestions from me) asked to light a candle and give thanks to the sun (as the children in the story do). It made my heart melt to see what a boy he's become.

Also bringing warmth into our lives today was the addition of our newest family member, Shadow. Shadow is a 5 month old Border Collie -Lab mix. We met her yesterday at the humane society and adopted her today. We were prepared for a very hyper puppy and have been pleasantly surprised by how well behaved he's been since we've brought him home. Though he's not had any training at all, he is so eager to please that he has already learned "sit" in just a matter of hours. He loves his new dog bed and wants to be with us every second. Since our old dog Sammy passed away last summer I think we've all felt a void in the family. And while Sammy is irreplaceable, it's so great having a four legged friend in the house again.

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