Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the Season

I'm going to try to take another stab at getting this blog going. I want so much to capture our lives, recorded, as if proof of what occurred during the haze of these years. But also to share our lives with our family and friends who live across the country. I know that years from now I'll look back and won't remember what it felt like to have our children be so young, and us to be so busy.

The holiday is upon us fully and we are ready! I've been crafting like mad and have even moved my sewing machine, cutting mat, and bolts of fabric to the dining room table so I can squeeze it in whenever I get a moment. So far I've made a tree skirt, a doll for Maeve, 2 stuffed bird ornaments for teachers, 3 finger puppets, 3 aprons for gifts, and I'm starting on felt play food today. There is something about winter that turns us inward, forcing us to feel our creativity in a way that the distractions of warmer weather don't often allow.

I'm not the only one. Elliot's been in the mood to create as well. Since his birthday he's been absorbed by legos, building castles and other magical places. He's also built some impressive mazes with his blocks and a whole slew of potato stamped postcards to send out to his friends. It's amazing to see what he's capable of!

Owen has been busy collecting "jewels" and coins and finding little bags and boxes to carry them around in. He seems to spend at least part of each day being scolded for rummaging through my wallet, Dennis dresser, Elliot's game pieces, or my coin jar in search of the perfect treasure. He's also been known to steal his sister's little purse to tote around his loot.

Maeve and I went shopping yesterday and I got a glimpse of what my future might hold for me having a daughter. Eventually when she couldn't stand the stroller anymore so got out and waked around the mall, entertaining the ladies at Macy's, fancying herself in the big mirrors. It was hilarious.

Last weekend we visited with Santa and this today we'll build our annual Solstice alter with our very own Solstice nativity scene!

Only four days to Christmas!

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