Sunday, August 1, 2010

Exercise. How do we fit it in?

I've been really trying to get back on the right path towards exercise and healthful living. It's tough being a busy mom with so many commitments. For a while I was walking, then I stopped. I started running, then I stopped. I thought about heading to the pool a few days a week, but haven't made it once. The only real progress I've made towards a regular exercise program, is my pilates class which I attend once a week. I'm not sure how much I can claim this as a success since it's generally followed by wine and food with my girlfriend afterward. :)

I've always envied my husbands opportunity to ride his bike to work. Building exercise into your commute just seems to make so much sense! Unfortunately I work out of a home office in my basement. Even taking the kids to school feels like a feat with a minivan!

E is old enough now ride his own bike for a pretty good distance and D spent last year riding with him to school many days and teaching him about road bike safety. So I asked myself, "how can I get around town for errands or dropping of the kids with a 4 and 2 year old?" I considered it all, trailers, front and back child seats, extended bikes. Then I found this...

This is the Mundo Cargo Utility Bike. I call it our "family bike". This bike is amazing! Seriously I can fit all three of my children on this bike! Not that I really want to pedal all three of my kids around...but I can! This bike has made building exercise into my regular schedule so much easier. I've been able to drop the kids off at camps, go for family bike rides, and run errands during the day. I even rode to a wedding by bike! And the best part, is that not only does it give me one more opportunity to get exercise in, but it's so much fun!

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