Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is this our house? What are mummies?

For the past few months, Owen has been developing a larger vocabulary, and along with this has been able to explore and question his view of the world. One of the ways that Owen has 'checked in' with us in the past has been say 'Hi Daddy!' or 'Hi Mommy!', even when we have been together for an extended period. Sometimes repeating this a few times.

Lately, Owen has taken to saying "Are you my Daddy?" or "Is this our house" and being satisfied with getting an affirmative answer. On a walk recently we had stopped in front of a house a few streets over and Owen asked my if it was our house. Thinking his question was silly at first, I think he was just testing this questioning game to see if I would respond no to an obvious question. On the other hand, he may just need glasses...

Talking to Patty about this, I remembered a similar tact that Elliot had taken when he was around the same age. Elliot had a re-occuring question (usually asked once a day, but sometimes more) of "Daddy, what are mummies?" I eventually developed a pretty standard response along the lines of mummies being ancient kings and queens of Egypt dying and being wrapped in bandages. This questioning about mummies lasted several months. It eventually became an inside joke between us where I could always get Elliot to crack up by just asking what mummies are.

For old times sake, I asked Elliot out of the blue what mummies are tonight. He cracked a big smile, then, being the 6-year old that he is, indicated that mummies are people in Egypt that had died and had been wrapped in cloth. Sometimes they were kings or people that went with kings and when they were made into mummies they were rolled them into a pyramid. Then I got one of those "silly daddy" looks from him.

I can't wait for Maeve's language to start blossoming. I wonder how she'll test her perception of the world with us? Will I end up coming up with a canned answer on why it rains alot in Oregon, or will I be stuck explaining yet again about Bigfoot?

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