Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did summer go?

I'm in denial. Despite all of the talk, emails, school parent gatherings, pre-school year picnics, home visits by teachers, and the early fall rain washing dust off my windows, I was still somewhat shocked to look at my calendar and realize that with school starting in less than a week, summer is coming to an end.  What an amazing summer it's been for our family.  We have been so busy this summer that I've hardly had time to reflect on all of our travels and adventures.  Here's the run-down of my top ten:

1. Celebrated little Maeve's 2nd birthday!


2. Explored DC with my sisters and Mom before attending a a conference for work

3.Frolicked in the sun

4. Worked Silpada style at the Old Time Fair in West Linn with good friend Erin

5. Biked in the Sunday Parkways

6. Attended the Silpada National Conference and had an amazing time!

7. Celebrated O's 4th Birthday

8. Traveled to Michigan and enjoyed time with our family

9. Put the house on the market and tried desperately to keep the plums picked up off the ground

9. Celebrated Sip 'N Silpada at the Blackbird Wine Shop

10. Jumped with joy at the arrival of the first egg from our 4 new hens

This afternoon Owen asked me "mom, where did summer go?"  I guess summer is on vacation I replied. 

Back to school, sports, indoor activities, rain, falling leaves, wool sweaters, wet days at the park...and hopefully a few more sunny ones.

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  1. I must be turning into a true Oregonian because the "rain, falling leaves, and wool sweaters" actually sounds cozy and inviting...